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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Crime and Punishment in Sherburne County 1900

Recently reading the newspaper columns from a century ago, I gained a greater appreciation for the hard work of the police and law enforcement in Sherburne County.  In 1900, crime seemed prevalent in the county. Perhaps because the residents held onto a small-town sense of security, while criminals capitalized on Sherburne County’s proximity to the metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  More than once, the newspapers noted the ease in which thieves preyed upon Sherburne County residents.  Even before thefts were discovered, the bandits sold stolen goods in the twin cities.  It must have been frustrating for law enforcement in Sherburne County.  Yet, the County Sherriff and local police noted significant apprehension of thieves and criminals in the county.  At the turn of the twentieth century, criminals often preyed upon Sherburne County residents, and police stepped up to provide protection.  
100 years ago, the newspaper columns provide interesting detail and appreciation for crime and law enforcement in Sherburne County.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Sherburne School Buses: Arriving in Style 1915

Students return to classes this week.  I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of school days one hundred years ago.  Specifically looking at transportation and school buses around 1915.  We have all used or heard the phrase, “the good old days.”  Well, in looking at these school buses, the old days were not so good. 

The school buses were horse drawn wagons.  When weather became inclement, canvas siding provided protection.  When the cold set in, stove heated rocks, wrapped in blankets, provided heat.  When the snow made it impossible to use the wagons, sleds looking more like ice houses provided transportation to and from school. 

Looking back at the good old days, the days were not so good.  Give me the “magnificent modern days” instead.