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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Funeral Practice

I found an interesting news report in The Becker Herald published on 30 August 1934.  The article adds some new light to the study of funeral practices and customs.

The Herald reports that “for the first time in Becker the loud speaker was used” in a funeral service.  The report goes on to say that the “microphone was placed in front of the pulpit and the amplifier in the corner” of the room.  “The voice was carried smoothly to all parts of the church,” it read.

It is interesting to contemplate the original use of a microphone in a church, or for a funeral.  Imagine the difficulty of trying to deliver a eulogy while having to shout every syllable to insure that everyone in a large crowd was able to hear.  What a challenge it must have been to make an attempt at solemnity while shouting at the top your lungs!

I think I have found a new respect for 19th century ministers.

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