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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Rather Harsh Assessment

Reading through historic newspapers the other day, I came across the following notice in the Sauk Rapids Frontiersman, 20 August 1857:

“One week ago last Sabbath, James Foyles, of Elk River, some thirty miles below this, was accidentally shot dead by his own hands.” 

The article goes on to explain that Mr. Foyles was deer hunting on that Sunday and shot himself in the chest. 

The article concludes: 
“One requirement of the Bible is to observe the Sabbath Day in a religious manner.  If we believed the book, is it not wise to regards its precepts somewhat?  We say it in all kindness not wishing to hurt the feelings of any.”

It is a good thing the editors are “not wishing to hurt the feelings of any,” imagine the pain they could inflict with their sharp pens if they set out to do so.

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