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Friday, October 21, 2016

Elections 100 Years Ago: How The Times Have Changed

With the coming elections, we thought it might be interesting to compare voting from 100 years ago.  Oh, the times have changed! 

These photographs illustrate the sample ballot published in the Sherburne County Star News for the election of 1916.  A feature of the ballots for 100 years ago in Minnesota in 1916 there were no direct votes for the President.  When voters cast their ballots, they voted for “Presidential Electors.”  In other words, they voted for members of the Electoral College.
It would appear, in the election of 1916, a more literal interpretation of the Constitution directed voting in Minnesota.  At that time, the state legislature was appointed to set the rules for balloting and selection of members of the Electoral College.  And so you see the different ballot of 1916. 

Also, remember voting for federal offices was a privilege reserved for men.  The women’s ballot consisted of selections to the local school board. 

Yes, voting practices have definitely changed in 100 years!

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