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Friday, January 27, 2017

George Loomis Becker: Namesake of The Community

Every student of Sherburne County History knows the namesake of the county lies with Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Moses Sherburne.  George Loomis Becker, the youngest Mayor of St. Paul, lawyer and politician, also warrants attention in Sherburne County history. 

George Loomis Becker 1829-1904
The namesake of the City of Becker, George was born in Locke, New York in 1829.  He arrived In St Paul in 1849.  Elected Mayor of St. Paul in 1856 for a one year term.  Still later, he twice ran unsuccessfully for Governor.  Important for the Sherburne County story, he worked for the Saint Paul and Pacific Railroad.  From 1885 to 1901 he served as a member of the state railroad and warehouse commission.  His primary interest in those years, he promoted railroad interests and development throughout the state. 

Although never a major stop on the railroad lines, Becker and area farmers utilized the rail service to ship produce and goods.  Equally important, the road delivered a multitude of immigrants to the county.  Through the 1870s an Immigrant House operated in Becker to welcome new arrivals to the community. 

There isn’t any evidence to suggest George Loomis ever set foot in the community, yet his influence set the direction for the community of Becker into the 1900s.

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