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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Snow

Okay, I stand corrected!  Last week I wrote that snow in April seemed odd.  Well, it turns out that snow in April in Minnesota is not so odd.  In just recent history, we have had some substantial snow fall in the fourth month of the year:

According to the Star Tribune newspaper, on April 15, 1983 the Twin Cities experienced 13.6 inches of new snow.  So that you can appreciate the great differences in the weather around the area, the Elk River Star News reported the snow fall was only 2 inches in Sherburne County from that storm.

Slightly more than one year later, the frozen precipitation was even more dramatic in its differences.  On April 30, 1984 the Star Tribune reported "almost 10 inches" of fresh snow.  The Elk River newspaper noted the limited precipitation, nothing frozen, in Sherburne County.

Well, the forecasters are predicting wet, heavy snow for tonight.  They are predicting maybe two or three inches.  The date is April 19, 2011.  I am anxiously waiting to see what happens in Minnesota in April in 2011.

Regardless of what happens,though, the weather continues to amaze me!

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