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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Even in Difficult Times Santa Delivers

As we explore the traditions and customs evident in the Christmas season an interesting question arises: how did Santa Claus carry on with the business of giving out toys during a crisis?  In the archives of the Sherburne History Center, we found evidence to suggest that although Santa Claus maintains a high level of diligence, his creativity and thoughtful nature allows him to achieve his tasks, still in one night! 

A letter found in the archives of the Sherburne History Center further explains Santa’s workload.  Addressed to the Nelson sisters in Zimmerman, Minn, the letter, written during World War Two.  Although it is dated: “Not many days before Christmas.”

With his busy schedule, Mrs. Santa Claus takes on the job of replying to Christmas letters.  “Santa works until nearly morning these nights and so he has me do all his writing for him,” she explained.  She went on to note that “he will have to use reindeers this year because of gas-rationing.” 

From this letter we witness Santa’s management skills of hard work, and a willingness to delegate responsibility.  Skills like these make Santa Claus a very successful businessman.  In 2020, like the war years, a crisis will not prevent Santa Claus from making his rounds and wishing everyone A MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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